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Big Meadows Beagles

We raise fast, honest hunting dogs that will win competitions and put meat on the table.

These are old pictures, and the page doesn't get updated very often. Call to see what is available.

We have Big Meadows, ARHA/NKC & AKC Registered pups for sale now.

Tiny Tim & Tilly Pups

These pups have started barking and trailing tame rabbits, and they will get in the brush. They are just over three months old. These two females are still available.

Tiny & Tilly Pups Tiny & Tilly Pup

R.CH. Big Meadows Tiny Tim Big Meadows Eagle Big Meadows Snapper World Champion
R.Ch. Gray Valley Snappy
Big Meadows Jude
Gr.R.Ch. Big Meadows Krissy Gr.R.Ch. Big Meadows Skunk
Michael's Little Six
Carl's Big Meadows April Gr. R.Ch. Big Meadows Skunk Big Meadows Sport
Willow Run Nicki
Jeweltone Gem Jeweltone Spike
Gr.R.Ch. Crowe's Penny
R.CH. Big Meadows Tilly GR.R.Ch. Big Meadows Skunk Big Meadows Sport R.CH. Diamond Sadies Sport
Annie Overdrive
Willlow Run Nicki FC. Bobby Buzz Saw
Willow Run Robin
Big Meadows Robin Big Meadows Isaac R.CH. Bredemeier's Apatchy
R.CH. Bredemeiers Ida C
R. CH. Big Meadows Rebekah Big Meadows Sport
Big Meadows Sassy

Superman & Poison Ivy Pups

No longer available.

These pups have been started, too.

Superman Females Superman Puppies

Big Meadows Superman NLPC FC Branko's One Tuff Ombre Branko's Phantom of the Opera Branko's Copper Boy
Branko's Conna
Branko's Poetry in Motion R. CH. Branko's Jack of all Trades
Branko's Pretty Freckles
R. CH. Big Meadows Tilly GR.R.Ch. Big Meadows Skunk Big Meadows Sport
Willlow Run Nicki
Big Meadows Robin Big Meadows Isaac
Big Meadows Rebekah
Aftershock's Poison Ivy LP R.CH.HOF REP Ole Bad Cliff Runstedler's Clay Banks Rap The Elm's Jigs Maggies Mate
Gords Peggy of Kingwood
Charles Cup of Cream R.CH. Branko's Jack of all Trades
B Zet and Woods Gray Dusty
GRBCH, G.R.CH. Keegan's Judy Girl Buford's Smooth Mouth Clyde New City C-Wall
Brosmer's Cricket
Blue Chip Suzie Blue Chip Banjo Joe
Nicely's Ginger

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